KAMPALA- UGANDA. The covid -19 pandemic has exacerbated menstrual health inequities for women and girls.  Economic hardships have led households to de-prioritizing menstrual products in favor of essential foods.  Lockdown measures have further cut off girls from accessing essential reproductive health services and social networks that would usually assist them access sanitary towels yet the menstrual cycle does not stop because of the pandemic.

This exposes young adolescent girls to a number of risks such as contracting infections from using less hygienic items which are not only uncomfortable but also prone to leakages. These can result into trauma, stigma and embarrassment hence leading to serious mental   issues especially for adolescent girls who are already going through one of the most complicated stages of life. This has forced a number of adolescent girls into prostitution and reckless relationships resulting into unwanted pregnancies and forced marriages which exposes them to HIV/AIDS.

The Government has embarked on a couple of initiatives to support vulnerable groups in urban areas however their scope has not taken into consideration these young adolescent girls.

The CENTRE FOR WOMEN JUSTICE UGANDA has therefore launched a fundraising campaign named “HER JOY MY PRIDE” as a spirited effort geared towards the delivery of sanitary kits to vulnerable adolescent girls residing in Kampala metropolitan area during this lock down. These kits will contain an assortment of items which will include a packet of reusable pads, toilet roll and soap or detergent.

We kindly request for your support to make this a reality by donating Sanitary kits through a cash contribution.  We optimistic that if each girl received this kit which contains a set of reusable pads, they will be able to use them for at least a year.

Your generous contribution for this cause will be highly appreciated.

Kindly click here to DONATE YOUR SANITARY KIT