Ending Violence against Women

According to recent World Health Organization estimates, 35% of women worldwide, over one in three have either experienced non-partner sexual violence or physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence. These numbers can be as high as 70% in specific settings. In Uganda 56% of women aged 13 to 49 experience spousal violence with one million of them (13%) experiencing sexual violence alone and only 6% of physical and sexual violence survivors sought medical help (UDHS, 2016. More than 1 in 5 women aged 15-49 experienced sexual violence compared to 8% of men, while 56% of ever-married women and 44% of ever-married men have experienced spousal violence (UDHS 2016). Fifty-one percent of women and 52 % of men aged 15-49 report that they experienced physical violence since age 15. About 60% perpetrators of violence are reported to be intimate partners. The Government of Uganda has demonstrated commitment to prevent and respond to VAWG through the development of appropriate legal and policy frameworks. Uganda is also signatory to several international protocols and conventions, however, VAWG continues to persist mainly due to the high levels of social tolerance perpetuated by social norms and behaviors. Widespread gender discrimination and inequality often results in women and girls being exposed to multiple forms of GBV throughout their lives.

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